Image of William G

William G

on 6/15/19

If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Richmond area, look no further than Core Health Centers of Richmond. Dr. Katie and the friendly staff really put their patients first.

Image of Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb

on 6/15/19

Dr. Katie and her staff are wonderful!

Image of Samantha Moran

Samantha Moran

on 1/15/19

In the middle of doing my first visit and it has been amazing. All the new equipment to get a great adjustment is just amazing. I have been taking my kids for 3yrs now and i swear the chirpractor has contributed to their great health. I could go on and on. If you havent tried chiropractic therapy, you are def missing out!!! Get in here for any problem you have. Not just back problems.

Image of Lee Pence

Lee Pence

on 10/15/18

They treat my whole family!

Image of Josh Collier

Josh Collier

on 10/15/17

Flexible, helpful, and friendly.