Image of Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson

on 9/26/19

I was treated at the Huntington office and can't imagine a better experience. The facilities are nice and the staff was great. Highly recommend!

Image of Robert Knowles

Robert Knowles

on 9/26/19

HPT has been very helpful in my recovery.. Having mobility in my back that has been something of the past is now the best thing that has happened to me in being more independent and doing things that I thought might never be achieved.... Thank you to the staff and my therapist for the dedication they have in doing a job well done!!!!

Image of Stephen Pratt

Stephen Pratt

on 9/10/19

HPT has been around a long time and they have a very knowledgeable staff. There equipment is up to date and have everything you need.

Image of Carrie Edgell

Carrie Edgell

on 9/10/19

I had been having mysterious pains in my arms and hands. After the initial screening, I was paired with Aleecha and I have been very happy with her attention to the central issue, and her help in managing the prevention of the pains. I had been sure for months that nothing could be done, and after spending time at HPT, I learned not only could something be done, but it wasn't a multitude of problems, but one issue that could prevent the others. Over the moon.

Image of Nafeeza Hussain

Nafeeza Hussain

on 9/10/19

Dr. Mark Taylor is the physical therapist I have been going to since June. I'd describe him as someone who has never met a stranger. He has this remarkable ability to turn someone he's never met into someone you feel as if you've known forever. He is kind, thoughtful, considerate, funny and filled with a bevy of trivia. Not only are his bedside manners unremarkable, but his medical management is in line with what your goals are. He pushes you to get better, within reason. He listens to your goals and works with you in a realistic way to achieve them. He does things based on your comfort level as well. He's a great person; he even remembered my birthday and gave me candy before I left. I don't want to have a future incident to bring me back to physical therapy, but if that happened, I'd go to Dr Taylor again in a heartbeat. Everyone else at HPT is super thoughtful and nice; even Tiffany (sp?), the receptionist is kind, remembers details about you and asks about you in a genuine thoughtful way.