Image of Dreama Beckett

Dreama Beckett

on 9/26/19

I reccomend that village caregiving is the best company in Huntington wv. They work with their clients and make sure they are covered. And I have heard nothing bad from any of their clients always been good. And they treat their workers with respect.

Image of Jack McComas

Jack McComas

on 8/30/19

I live about 8 hours from my elderly father in WV, and I needed to hire a home care service in a pinch. My dad has been recovering from a broken hip and was having a rough patch. I only had reviews to go off of and Village Care has by far the best reviews in the area so I went with them. The process was simple and my dad was kept safe and I will recommend this company to anyone needing help in the home with a parent.

Image of Kathy Layman

Kathy Layman

on 6/27/19

We have had caregivers in our home 24 hours a day now for 2.5 years. We have had many different caregivers who didn’t workout for various reasons .... theft, drug use, etc. then I found Village Caregivers...... they strive to match the caregiver with the families needs. They are vigilant in their vetting of new employees. We are a tough client . Our needs are very different from most. They have gone above and beyond what we could have ever hoped to accommodate our needs unlike our previous company. If u need caregivers, I highly recommend you contact them for a consultation.

Image of Steve Williams

Steve Williams

on 6/27/19

Village Caregiving took excellent care of my mother. I recommend their services without hesitation.

Image of Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens

on 5/27/19

Thank you Google. I'm a busy professional and I needed help for my mom and I just hired the first company that I saw a pamphlet for. This was my first mistake. My family got trapped in a silly contract and we could not get our deposit back even after the other company repeatedly failed to live up to its end of the agreement. I did some research and found Village Caregiving. I am paying 16 an hour which is 5 dollars an hour less than I was spending for the other company. I explained my situation and they put a worker in my home the next day. No Contract, No deposit, and most of all the workers show up and the company is responsive. Hopefully this is useful to anyone doing the research I should have done in the first place.